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Functional basketball training

Transform your skill set with an effective training program with SIT Basketball

Training Offfered


Individual training allows for the athlete to improve their skill set with the full attention of their trainer. individual skills session are great for eliminating bad habits and increasing skill retention

Group Skills Sessions

Group training allows for up to 8 players to train and work on both individual and team drills in a private setting. This still allows for great individual attention while improving team aspects

Skills evaluations & Progression Plans

Evaluations give players a solid understanding of where their skills are at and what skills need to improve. Once players understand their skill set it is much easier to progress and eliminate poor habits. 

shooting skill development

our approach to shooting development will quickly break down your skills preparing you to build proper mechanics and improve your shooting accuracy.

college basketball training

training involves comprehensive coaching and development programs tailored to collegiate-level basketball players. These services aim to enhance players' skills, physical conditioning, tactical understanding, and mental fortitude necessary to excel in competitive collegiate basketball environments.


benefits of training 

Private training is essential to the development process and ensuring athletes get the skills development they need

personalized attention

Players identify and work on their weak areas. This individual attention ensures that players receive feedback and corrections tailored to their specific needs, rather than a generic approach used in a team setting.

functional workouts

Workouts are always customized to meet the needs of each player. players can work on specific areas of their game that they want to improve, as well as work on needs observed by the trainer. Drills are efficient and need-based eliminating unnecessary time and drills.

direct feedback

players receive immediate feedback on their technique and performance. This feedback helps athletes correct mistakes and improve their skills more efficiently.

Experienced trainers

All Trainers have coached and/or played college basketball. Trainers complete continuous training to remain the best for our athletes.

technology based learning-instant video analysis

Visual learning is key to the development process at sit. players get real-time analysis of their skills and are able to see exactly what habits need improvement. 

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