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All athletes will first go through an extensive assessment of their shooting mechanics. Once we have an understanding of your mechanics we can break them down and start addressing issues with structured shooting drills.

Progression Plan

Once we have assessed your shooting mechanics, we will create a progression plan of drills based on your weaknesses. We will then layer these drills with progressions in order to build lasting habits.

Layered Drills

All shooting drills have progressions that challenege the athlete and continue building proper shooting mechanics.

Lasting Habits & Success

Proper drills build lasting habits. Players often do not know what is wrong with their shots so therefore they are not completing the correct drills to address them. SIT Basketball sets you up for lasting success by giving the athlete a full understanding of their mechanics and what needs to be corrected. 

Book a shooting session today and get your shot on the right track

Sessions can be booked individually or as a 6 or 12 week training program 

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